Retire with Confidence

Our team at Erpelding Wealth Management provides clients with a customized plan that guides you from your working years through retirement. We make sense of all the pieces to your financial landscape to deliver an objective and transparent plan. Our team specializes in working with clients who are approaching or already in retirement. We understand this is a time of great excitement but also uncertainty in our client's lives. Our goal is to eliminate this fear and provide utmost clarity for you and your family in order to give you confidence in your retirement.

You've spent your working years saving, investing and trying to do all of the right things. Now it's time to put it all together and create strategies to optimize what you've worked so hard to create.

Most of our clients have many of the same questions

  • "How do I recreate a paycheck when I stop working?"
  • "When should I claim my Social Security benefits?"
  • "What impact will retirement distributions have on my taxes?"
  • "How does my investment strategy need to change?"

Our team can help you determine what strategies will give you the best outcomes for your retirement and protect against what can go wrong. We would love to share more about our process and approach to planning.

Meet the Team